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Life long education Helps you think critically, act creatively, and succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Lets make educuation enjoyable and part of your daily routine!

Learn with X Class. Use groupe discounts: 5-15%

Benefits for students:

thinking and soft skills development

Develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving, global view, set broaden intellectual foundation, learn to understand art and leadership.

Inspiring lecturers

Enjoyable to watch and display a great passion for their subject.


Bite-sized content that is educational, engaging, and enjoyable.

Benefits for professors:

soft skills

The concept of education, the emancipatory component of the educational work for teachers. Teaching methods, teacher-student relationship, and how to approach problematic children.

Experienced LECTURERS

Faculty professors with first-class knowledge that can contribute with their work

Atmosphere and productivity

Companies with a strong culture have more engaged employees. The more engaged your teachers are, the better educated and happier students are.


We will show the connections between philosophy and other areas of life and teach you a systematic approach.


They aid decision-making, especially on the complex ethical issues that confront society as a whole.

Characteristic of lessons


Lectures are consistent, informative, and easy to follow

Material and test

PDF summary and tests for self-assessment after each lecture

Video and sound

Full HD video format, high-quality sound

Chosen visuals

So you can better understand and visualize lessons


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707 din
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Live or zoom lections

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King

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